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Our GPS Services

Is your GPS software out of date? The street you are looking for is not in your GPS? Poor battery life? GPS not charging the battery? Faulty USB Socket? Corrupted SD Card? Dropped your GPS and broke your LCD screen? iTech Centre can help!

  • GPS Repairs
  • Broken LCD Screens
  • USB Socket Replacements
  • GPS Software Upgrades
  • GPS Map Upgrades
  • SD Card Recovery
  • Battery Replacements


GPS navigators have become vital tools for both road warriors and casual drivers
to make their way across town or across the country. As such, it’s of utmost
importance to keep maps & software up to date.

We repair and upgrade most of the GPS device brands like - TomTom,
Navman, Garmin, Magellan, Uniden, Chinese  no name brands etc…